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08-May-2020 03:59

The reports add to growing evidence that a bomb was placed on board Metrojet Flight 9268 before it took off from Sharm el-Sheikh airport, killing all 224 passengers and crew.The apparent involvement of the leaders of Isil, in Raqqa, in helping to plot the terrorist attack will alarm Western intelligence agencies.The unconfirmed reports of the possible involvement of British Jihadists in the attack comes after British intelligence was out in front of the rest of the world in concluding that a bomb most likely took down the plane.The “chatter” picked up by intelligence agencies appears to include a series of communications between the Sinai terrorist group, affiliated to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and its leadership based in Syria.But the evacuation system - which involves hiring cargo planes to fly home passengers' checked luggage - could be disrupted if Russia aggressively steps up its own repatriation plans.There are around 80,000 Russian holiday makers in Sharm el-Sheikh and the Kremlin said it would send a fleet of 93 aircraft over the weekend to begin bring them home.

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The first plane of holidaymakers to return to Manchester since the crisis has touched down to cheers of relief from those onboard.Prior to the explosion last Saturday, US intelligence agencies also intercepted a message from the terrorists in Sinai that warned of “something big in the area”.It is understood that details about how the plane was brought down were also intercepted, but the officials have thus far refused to go into detail.Until now, Isil had encouraged “lone wolf” attacks on foreign targets but had been unable to organise “a spectacular” atrocity on such a scale outside of Iraq and Syria.

“They [Isil leaders] were clearly celebrating,” a US official told NBC News.

• Britons returning home to tell of chaos • Growing evidence points to Islamist bomb destroying Metrojet Flight 9268 • British plane 'dodged missile' • Black boxes show "clear sound of explosion" • Q&A for tourists • Only 1,500 Britons of the total 20,000 in Sharm el-Sheikh returned over the weekend as restrictions were placed on flights • Russian tourists trying to get home will be given priority treatment after President Vladimir Putin reportedly struck a deal Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah al-Sisi • US agencies picked up intelligence in the days before the disaster suggesting a 'big event' was planned for Sinai • After the plane crashed, US spies intercepted boastful exchanges between the same jihadis celebrating the tragedy • Egypt accused other countries, thought to be the UK and US, of failing to share its intelligence on teh crash The New York Times reports that The FBI has agreed to help the Russian government with its investigation into the deadly crash of a Russian charter plane in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.