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29-Sep-2020 13:48

I know have a much clearer view as to how to pursue my future goals and dreams. After the weekend was done I had a crystal clear view of how one can live in a way that you do not see in your average walk of life.

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One of which I DJ across a number of Sydney clubs (also performed in Singapore).

I attribute most of the above to the path you help set me on, it took a while for me to move my life around to change direction but I am starting to see the results now.

I also hope everything is going well for you too which you are probably killing it in every area.

Lets start by answering the most obvious questions, do I recommend taking the Bootcamp? One of his main points he tries to convey is that he views us as men as appreciating assets, how abundant the world is, and how you should screen for what you want in a girl/girls dependent on your life situation.

Go find and chase the women / woman that you want to be with and work on yourself to become a king, and you will have an awesome life. What I most of all got out of the Bootcamp though was the answers to my questions.I just wanted to say that since the bootcamp, I’ve slept with 5 girls in a span of two weeks, three of which were really attractive and my type.