Rob and kristen dating in real life

31-Jul-2020 00:20

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Obviously the characters were actors and legends are abound which is personal belief. And, if you are wondering about if Miley Cyrus, the person who plays Miley Stewart in Hannah Montana is related to Kristen Stewart, then no. But if I were Robert Pattinson, I'd be in a hard situation. Robert and Kristen make a cute couple, but if someone ever cheated on me and had sex with someone else, I'd never forgive them though it had hurt me to say goodbye to the person... Kristen's hair is brown, so maybe she could look like brown Popsicles- but the whole idea of her looking like...

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love story (except with warmer blood and, well, human).Here are the 20 Crazy Secrets About Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson’s Relationship.was because he wanted to meet Kristen after watching her in that movie, in which she played a young, attractive underage desert hobo. In The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, the character Bella Swan becomes pregnant with the vampire, Edward Cullen. But If I Was Kristen , I Wouldn't Want People Knowing Personal Stuff About My Life. Please ask a new question that is appropriate or search elsewhere.

Kristen was once asked by a hispanic radio to say a long sentence into a microphone and she laughed it off since she was not able to do it. Unfortunately I Dont Think Anyone Could Answer This Question , Because She Has Only Been Introduced To The World Of Fame , I'd Think It Would Be Abit Early For People To Know Anything That Personal About Her Yet. She is turning 21 years of age on April 9, 2011, so make sure that you are a little younger than her, the same age, or a little older than her. The question that you have asked about Kristen Stewart is considered inappropriate for Wiki Answers.

While hosting in January this year, Stewart referred to her tumultuous relationship with Pattinson by criticising President Trump's apparent obession with the matter.