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16-Sep-2020 12:47

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From the lightly gnawed fingertips on Ricky Romero’s left hand to home plate, it travels 60 feet, 6 inches. Or in Romero’s case, as American as For the 26-year-old Blue Jays pitcher, that distance isn’t simply the path to a ball or strike. paid a smuggler to drive him and a few friends into El Paso before catching a bus to California.“It was crazy, with my dad crossing illegally,’’ Romero says.

Each time Romero — who speaks Spanish at home and English on the mound — winds up and steps toward a batter, it’s as if he’s completing a journey his father began 31 years ago when he bolted, undetected, from Mexico into Texas. “My dad’s goal was to come to the United States for a better life.

“I’d say no, he has to rest his arm.”Baseball was the only sport Ricky played. He’d entertain sister Sandy on the Romeros’ front lawn with his impression of the Dodgers’ announcer, booming out starting lineups.

Dodger Stadium was only a 15-minute drive away and the Romeros were regular patrons.“I’d be sitting there, always wondering, ‘Wow, what’s it like to be a baseball player?

In the interest of maintaining confidentiality and not wanting to be a total dick (okay, I just don’t want to burn any bridges) I will not be displaying the names of the ladies. Scott Richmond: Ricky Romero is dating Miss USA winner Rima Fakih: Moving on.

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Romero pitched in Fullerton’s 2004 NCAA College World Series championship, his family driving 23 hours to Omaha, Neb., to see him.

He married young and raised four athletic children with wife Sandra in the unincorporated township of East Los Angeles. Ricky Romero would defy the odds — and the guns-and-gangs stereotype — to earn a college baseball scholarship, represent his country overseas, crack the major leagues, sign a multimillion-dollar contract, romance Miss USA and in his spare time, visit schools to promote education and physical activity.“It sounds ridiculous,’’ says anthropologist Alexandro Gradilla, associate professor and chair of Cal State Fullerton’s Department of Chicano and Chicana Studies, marvelling at Romero’s success.“If I was a Hollywood producer and this was a script, I’d reject it.”The Brooklyn Dodgers moved to L. in 1958 and owner Walter O’Malley wanted a new home. That painful link to Dodger Stadium has faded with a steady migration of Mexicans who, in recent decades, have little emotional attachment to Chavez Ravine history.

He was given the Chavez Ravine address after low-income Latino residents were relocated — some willingly, most not.“It’s a very, very painful moment in Mexican-American history when we talk about the construction of Dodger Stadium,’’ says Gradilla, noting the razed century-old village was home to generations of families who’d faced housing discrimination in other parts of L. The newcomers also arrived with a cultural passion for baseball, a ripe market for mining fans.

Romero recalls being “a buck 60” as a high school senior; a scrawny 160-pounder who’d never lifted a weight until he started at Fullerton. Weightlifting, conditioning and nutrition at an NCAA Division I college was a vastly different universe from his high school days.

So was playing with athletes as good as — or better than — him. Then he thought of his truck driver dad and his bold border run.UPDATE: : Rima Fakih was arrested early Saturday morning, really late Friday night, in Highland Park, MI for drunk driving.

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