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15-Mar-2020 04:49

We have a history of high quality events since 2013. Every hour a new "speed dating" event will be held for doulas and midwives.

Registered participants will sit behind a small table and be able to interview up to 10 potential pre-screened clients per hour.

This Match-Making event brings together a large pool of talented jobseekers and up to 30 startups looking for new team members. The Startup Speed Dating Event is an initiative of ETH Entrepreneurship Club.

Every year, the Club brings together talented students who are looking for job opportunities and experiences in the entrepreneurial ecosystem with startup companies looking for new team members.

Whether or not there is a possible job prospect, this is a great networking opportunity for the students who look forward to this important annual event, which takes place at the culmination of their studies.

Empowering Fearless Birth is the best pregnancy and birth event in the state!

Each session will be divided by specialty and geographic location.

You will have a chance to chat with an average of 8-10 people see if... Speed Dating for 30-45's Speed Dating Men Aged 30-45Women Aged 30-45(Please note: We allow guests to be /- 3 yrs of this age range) Speed Dating is a night to socialize, meet new people and just have a great night out!

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