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He asked me if I sucked cock and I told him no I was straight. And as he was sucking me, he began fingering my asshole. but the couple comes in then, and goes to the opposite side that I'm on. She stood up as I moved back, because the husband wanted me to cum, and I wasn't about to cum again... She reached her hand out for me, grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me against her and kissed me.

I couldn't believe all of this was happening to me. When he pulled out I felt his cum run down my legs. As I walked by they said good night sweet cheeks and all laughed. I kept walking even when a prostitute asked me if I wanted a date. I now know this was my reason for becoming bi later in life.

As the video played I could see in the booth and noticed a hole on one side of the booth. I then heard a knock on the door and a man said open the door please. It usually takes me a while to cum, but I can usually focus in on some really hot fantasy or situation and get off easier. It seems like the man is giving the woman a pep talk or dirty talk. Now, the woman was about 5'6" blonde hair, a decent body, a little pudgy but more curvy than anything else. He's seen them there before, and he says I should get in on it. So this woman is in the corner right next to the movie screen, which makes it very difficult for people outside of the corner to see her (since the screen is so bright and the corner so dark.) She's squatting down and sucking on a cock and her husband is encouraging her, telling her to suck it down, and be a nasty slut.

I looked down and saw a man in the other booth obviously jerking off. I thought it was the man from upfront but when I unlocked the door a black guy pushed his way inside and told me to be quiet. He asked why I was there and I said I was just watching a video. This time, the saliva from his sloppy blowjob was dripping down my balls and into my asscrack. I ask if I should go out and get a condom from my car, and he says yes... I push my way forward after one guy moves out (there were only like 5-6 of us there, and I was, by far, the youngest.) and she looks up at me and takes my soft cock into her mouth. I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth a little, at first I didn't grab it and bumped her head against the wall a few times until I realized what I was doing and grabbed her.

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She has a tattoo on her hip and has her tongue pierced.

Everyone else was just watching and her husband was saying to cum in her mouth and I kept assuring him I would. I don't know if she noticed and liked it, or if she didn't notice because I had just cum. I have other stories to entertain you with about all sorts of things. She made quite a few hardcore scenes for 21sextury Network before retiring - she will be missed!

I fucked her for 5 minutes, then moved back, her husband started to fuck her and she said "You like my fucked cunt, baby? Then I moved back in, this time face to face, she lifted her left leg up and I shoved my cock in as I made out with her and fucked her hard up against the wall. But then I pulled out and pushed her to her knees and shoved my cock into her mouth. Biography Also know as: Jessika Swan, Ira Lebedeva, Jessica Swan, Silvia Nationality: Hungarian Birthday: November 08Languages spoken: Hungarian, English Hair color: Black Eye color: Brown Piercing: Tongue Weight: 41 kg Height: 156 cm About Jessyka Swan was born in Budapest, Hungary on November 08. ********************************************************************************Biography Also know as: Own her Nationality: Russian Birthday: November 09Languages spoken: Russian, English Hair color: Brown Eye color: Grey*********************************************************************************Biography Also know as: Paige Riley, Riley Reed Nationality: American Birthday: July 09Languages spoken: English Hair color: Brown Eye color: Green Other: Nationality/Heritage: Irish / Puerto Rican / Dominican.

She made quite a few hardcore scenes for 21sextury Network before retiring - she will be missed!

**********************************************************************************Biography Also know as: Christina Hot Nationality: Hungarian Birthday: February 15Languages spoken: Hungarian, English Hair color: Brown Eye color: Brown Weight: 47 kg Height: 160 cm No more further information upon this porn actress.*******************************************************************************Biography Also know as: Own her.I asked the guy who was sitting at the desk what it was. I told him no I hadn't he said well its a bunch of booths inside where a person can go and watch some porn videos. I gave him a dollar bill and he gave me my tokens. As I walked along I felt hands grabbing my cock and ass. I walked up and down through this maze of booths and came to one that I thought I would try. This theater has two screens, so you can sit and watch one porno or go to the other one if it's showing more to your taste (or you find hotter people on either side.) I decided to settle down into a seat and I just went all out for it. An older man, in his late 50s moved toward me and sat down next to me. It's now 1am, and this is unusual in terms of coming to buy a vibrator with your man.

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