Quiet dating spots singapore

09-Jan-2021 09:27

If making out 36 metres above ground fits your idea of date night, the beautiful Henderson Waves bridge might just be the perfect place for you.Awash with romantic yellow lights from 7pm to 7am, Singapore’s tallest pedestrian bridge features a distinctive wave-like structure, cozy alcoves, and thoughtful benches.Get directions to Henderson Waves This quaint little spot of greenery within the CBD is so hidden that even some locals don’t know about it.It is one of the few quiet places in Singapore for couples looking to spend quality time together.“Passion Made Possible” may be Singapore’s spanking new tagline, but visitors to Singapore may still view us as a clean, green, and efficient gateway city connected to other Southeast Asian destinations.Unbeknownst to many, our modern and perpetually changing city is also home to many perfect paktor (local slang for dating) locations.

Nothing signifies upscale quite like the symbol of a Michelin star, and you’ll find these scattered across the cream of the crop of Singapore’s fine dining scene.

How’s that for reinvigorating your body, while also heightening your sense of love?

Isn’t it amazing how this tiny fishing village has grown into a bustling, urban hub peppered with skyscrapers all around in just half a century?

It may also be apt to break into the tunes of Unchained Melody here.

Get directions to Helix Bridge After all that romancing, you’ll need a place to rest your aching bodies.Get directions to National Gallery Singapore The Esplanade, with its unblocked views of the city skyline, is one of the top 10 attractions in Singapore.