Pattaya dating service

28-Jun-2020 20:03

There are countless of massage salons on this long road, but there is one area in particular between Soi 13/2 and Soi 13/3 that has more than a dozen of hot ladyboy masseuses in tight, white shirts and half open skirts waiting for their next customer to give a oily hand job or even a blow job.

They are more attractive than in most other areas, and many of them also have nice and big fake boobs.

Interestingly, while I always see less girls in some of the bars every time I go on a weekend trip from Bangkok or even some beer bar complexes closing down completely, that’s not the case with the small massage salons.

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Each one of these sois can be accessed from the other.

We say it is affectionately called the Pattaya Darkside because of the lack of bright city lights.

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