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Jimmy, my roommate, went to school in a three-bedroom brick rambler, and Bobby and Robby, the guys across the hall, spent their senior year in a Dutch Colonial with a screened-in porch. I feel like I’ve been exposed to a whole new world.As far as I can tell, you really need to be a government major to be part of the “in crowd” here. A bunch of us got together last night at Bobby and Robby’s room.It was produced by their Astoria, New York based film production company Ragtag Productions.

The series was then picked up for possible development for a television version of We Need Girlfriends for Sony Pictures and CBS, to be executive produced by Darren Star, Dennis Erdman and Clark Peterson.Mistrusting the government, overthrowing the government, why the government is too intrusive unless it’s restricting something you don’t like—college is opening up my mind to a lot of new ideas!(Did you know that the Constitution requires a separation of church and state?Suzy and I have talked long and hard about our future together, and we’ve decided that after graduation we’re going to pursue careers in government.

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Thanks to all our years in home-school, and our time here at the college, our mission, as we see it, is clear: To lobby Congress for legislation moving all forms of government into the home.

Rod photoshops a picture of himself having sex with Henry's ex-girlfriend, which leads to a childish battle between the two friends.