Over the road truck driver dating

29-Apr-2020 22:23

Employees are encouraged to listen to audiobooks, or stay in cellphone contact with friends, family, and other truckers, just to have a connection to another human being during the isolated hours and days on the road. Top of Page A study of truckers and their working conditions around the world found that the “overall use of mind-altering substance was high,” typically due to the long hours and desolate nature of the job.

Drugs of choice tended to be amphetamines and cocaine, which stimulate drivers into staying awake for unnaturally long periods of time.

Despite rules on how many miles a driver can log and mandated breaks after the 70-hour mark, many truckers take on extra shifts for the overtime pay.

Pushing themselves beyond their physical abilities, they put their own wellbeing at risk, to say nothing of the wellbeing of the other drivers on the road.

The dangers are enormous, but the unwritten rules of trucking culture will take a long time to change.

No matter how much they deny it, trucking companies financially benefit from truckers taking on long shifts, and truckers themselves – especially new ones – are unlikely to turn down the chance of extra pay even if it means upping their amphetamine use.

Not too many people would connect professional truck drivers with a substance abuse problem, but it is one that industry and government regulators are struggling to control.

Being a truck driver is not a simple matter of driving cargo from one point to another.

A human resources director for a trucking company told the that addressing the reality of isolation is so important that her company covers it in orientation materials.writes that “the use of booze and drugs among truck drivers on the road is common,” and linked primarily to the unfavorable working conditions.