Oracle trigger if inserting or updating Cam1sex

14-Feb-2020 12:46

It is rare, indeed, to find a PL/SQL program that does not either read from or make changes to tables in a database.

Tables are made up of rows of data, each consisting of one or more columns, so it stands to reason that Oracle Database would make it as easy as possible to work with those rows of data inside a PL/SQL program.

CREATE TABLE "SUPPLIERS" ( "SUPPLIER_ID" NUMBER, "SUPPLIER_NAME" VARCHAR2(4000), "SUPPLIER_ADDRESS" VARCHAR2(4000) ) / You can use the following CREATE TRIGGER query to create a AFTER INSERT or UPDATE or DELETE Trigger: CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER "SUPPLIERS_T2" AFTER insert or update or delete on "SUPPLIERS" for each row begin when the person performs insert/update/delete operations into the table.

May/June 2012 The Oracle PL/SQL language was designed to be a portable, high-performance transaction processing language that is tightly integrated with the SQL language.

A cursor FOR loop has a similar structure but replaces a numeric range with a query: loop index as well, but in the case of a cursor FOR loop, it declares the index as a record by using %ROWTYPE against the query in the loop header.

The following block uses a cursor FOR loop to fetch only the last name of each employee, deposit that name into a record, and then display the value of the last_name field of that record: Passing Records as Parameters You can define parameters based on record types, and you can therefore pass records as arguments to subprograms.

The most common form of an INSERT statement is where column_list is the list of columns that will be populated on insert and expression_list is the list of expressions that will be assigned to their respective columns.

If I want to provide a value for each column in a table that has, say, 500 columns, writing and managing that code can become quite tedious.

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PL/SQL offers special syntax in both the INSERT and UPDATE statements so that you can easily use records to perform those data manipulation language (DML) operations as well.

Working with Record Variables Once you have declared a record in your block, you can both read and change the record’s value.

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