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13-Mar-2021 18:43

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The scammer usually uses faked or stolen pictures on their dating profile and fabricates just enough information to look plausible. A good scammer will ask a lot of questions and use the answers to craft a fake personality designed to be appealing to the target, and they often work multiple targets at the same time.

They have built up those skills from serious practice and make hundreds or even thousands from their victims.

I recently read an article “s” by Elena Petrova, a dating coach and founder of Elenas

The author explains the principle of the pay per letter dating scam and the PPL turnover structure.

They have a catalog of very beautiful young women, mostly from poor ex-soviet countries, and men are charged a service fee for all interaction with the ladies, including correspondence, translations, and if it goes that far, an eventual meeting.

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Many are wearing bikinis or sexy underwear and are photographed in seductive poses.

The scam is a well-oiled machine with hundreds of participants who all contribute to the outcome, and its efficiency as an income source has led to its proliferation in Ukraine as the government in that nation becomes weaker.