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She is pictured with Bill Sheaffer in 2013, a year after the alleged encounter Mel B has now come out to make a string of claims against Belafonte, who she married in 2007.

The pair filed for divorce in March and the legal battle has grown increasingly bitter.

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Dorian took the interview with The Sun to tell her side of the story and prevent any drug-fueled threesome sex tapes from emerging without her knowledge.The former model and adult actress has starred in a series of X-rated films, and said that as a huge Spice Girls fan she couldn't believe what was happening when she was invited into their marital bed The former model and adult actress has starred in a series of X-rated films, and said she first met the couple in 2012 when they were all visiting Los Angeles.She said she was having a night out with some of her friends, and they eventually ended up at the Four Seasons hotel bar.'Stephen slid the sheet from her body and she was lying there totally naked.

She looked amazing.' Dorian allegedly then agreed to have a threesome with the pair.

They are pictured together in July 2016She said Belafonte asked if he could have unprotected sex with her, but that she denied in case she was not the first women to be invited into their marital bed like this.

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