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27-Mar-2020 11:48

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Go Pro’s six-camera rig has made its official debut at the 2016 NAB conference.Designed to capture 360-degree videos that can be used for virtual reality experiences, the spherical array, called the Omni, is now available for pre-order at ,000 for a complete package. First teased during last year’s Re/code’s Code conference and announced last week, the Omni is a rig outfitted with six Go Pro Hero4 Black action cameras — all synced to capture what becomes a 360-degree video.Because each Hero4 Black can shoot up to 4K, the final product is a video with resolutions at up to 8K; you can view the high-resolution video through a headset, or downscale it for desktop viewing on You Tube.To handle the stitching, Go Pro includes Kolor Software, a VR startup it acquired last year.

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The Series A funding seeks a max raise of million – so it looks pretty good so far.