Older black woman dating younger man

07-Dec-2020 12:33

As for the concern trolling women, save it: Black women as a group work far harder than any other group on the planet, . Black women are not white women and black women’s issues are not white women’s issues.For white women, they may feel they have exceeded their women ancestors by being educated and working and being single.And this develops into a pattern of low expectations regarding relationships or of men who are in and out of a woman’s life that affirm her sense of low self-worth.This “low value, lowered bar/low expectations” logic is passed down through generations of black women, unless someone is able to break the cycle., demand that men who fathered their kids out of wedlock be inclined to spend money to help raise them.Allow black women to feel a sense of pride for their daughters who DON’T have to work, DON’T have to struggle and have found men who are happy to provide for them because to them, a black wife isn’t automatically a post-slavery work horse…but a woman they cherish and wife they are happy to protect, provide for, and value. Immature and hormonal souls may wonder What Does She See in Him?Cookies are important to the proper functioning of a website.We use cookies to enhance website performance and to monitor website traffic.

So excuse me if I tell some of you loud-mouths to take a flying leap off of a bridge.

In fact, the people I see pushing this narrative most strongly are African American people and especially African American men.