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01-Mar-2021 06:30

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Most men don’t appreciate just how needy old grannies are for some hard action!

Let’s face it if you can’t see the filthy opportunities staring you in the face you need to go to Spec Savers rather urgently!

Whether you turn to abstinence propagandists, mainstream pop culture, or free internet porn to fill in those gaps, you’re likely to wind up with an incredibly narrow and bankrupt idea of how sex works, one that positions men as sexual actors, women as the (un)lucky recipients of men’s desire, and communication of consent as lethal to both boners and romance.

(That’s not to say there aren’t a few good models out there for those who seek them out.

Texts are answered by intermediaries over 18, between 07.00-00.00 Hrs.

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We teach them fire safety every year starting in kindergarten, and build on that knowledge with regular drills, until responding to the threat of fire becomes second nature.

The book is framed around the idea of affirmative consent — that “no means no” is not enough, and only a freely given, enthusiastic “yes” counts when it comes to sex.

As the interview wound down, the reporter, a young woman, asked me the surprisingly personal question off the record.

But if you’ve been raised to think of sex as a battle of the sexes, or a business deal in which men “get some” and women either “give it up” or “save it” for marriage, it can still be a jarring idea, like suggesting to someone that there’s something they could breathe other than air.

In the absence of comprehensive, pleasure-based sex ed, we rely on media and other cultural institutions to model what sex should be like.

Everyone knows that old sluts are desperate for the attention of a younger man!!

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