Numerical age or relative dating

21-Mar-2020 05:00

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This web-site has considered a radical set of ideas, none more so than the identification of the Messianic Star as Nibiru, the Winged Disc.

We have explored the potential significance of the ‘red Sirius’ anomaly, and how the alleged colour change of the stellar field around Sirius in ancient times provides us with Messianic symbolism.

The result is a reversal of the ‘neutral sheet’, or local space around the Sun.

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It contains reliefs of Pharoahs embracing gods and ‘other images which appear to go back to a much more distant tradition – the era of the ‘First Time’ or ‘Primeval Age’ (Egy. The Egyptologist David Rohl draws comparisons between the rituals enacted at Edfu and the Temple of Dendera, and the religious ceremonies of Sumer.The red ‘star’ Horus was born from Sirius (white Isis), a celestial event that captured the meaning of the Egyptian mythology beautifully.

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