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03-Jan-2021 03:24

Live chat gives you a good opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to customer service and user support, in real time.

It helps you create a good impression with your target audience, making them feel better about handing over their payment details and joining your program.

Of course, there are countless ways to increase membership conversion rates—some of which we’ve covered here—however, adding live chat has many appealing benefits.

Not only does this article explain why offering live chat is beneficial for your membership website, it also includes some options for implementing it on your Word Press website.

Even if you can’t complete the sign-up process with them at the time, you can use live-chat functionality to ask for their contact details once the problem preventing their joining is resolved.

Adding a knowledgebase or FAQ to your membership site helps your members help themselves.

Maybe your payment processor is playing up, or a theme update is causing an issue with your site.

Perhaps a visitor doesn’t have their payment details to hand.

By enabling live chat, you enhance the experience for users who prefer this mode of communication.

Even turning live chat on for an hour or two a day allows you to reap many of the benefits of this feature, all without it taking over your life.