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Mindy assures Danny that she’s never gotten a parking ticket because she uses the winning combo of lying and crying to scare away the cops.Sure enough, when the cop approaches, Mindy bursts into fake tears and weasels her way out of the ticket.Mindy needs to come clean with Jean, but the rest of the practice want her to keep up the charade to protect their newly improved hospital schedule.Jean calls Mindy, who has already assigned her the Divinyls “I Touch Myself” as a ringtone. Jean asks Mindy out to dinner, but instead of coming clean, Mindy invites her over to her place to curl up by the fire. Later that night, Peter and a frat-tified Jeremy roll up to the beer pong tournament.The next morning, Mindy tells the office that she thinks she’s gay now, but they assure her that gay experiences are totally normal.Everyone chimes in with a “gay story,” the best of which is Tamra’s, who kissed her cousin Sheena to get onto Air Force Two.You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy.

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Peter tries to recruit Morgan as his beer pong buddy, but Jeremy proves to be a beer pong prodigy.

Danny and Mindy celebrate with some road sex, only to be pulled over yet again by the same cop.