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At Indra Varna Madavihar, built in 1671 and located between Durbar Square and Dattatraya Square, visitors can see two lion statues, a Patinga Hiti (water spout), Tantric wood-carved windows, and prayer wheels.There are also many Buddhist monuments and shrines, including Lokeswor Mahavihar, Prasannasheel Mahavihar, Chatu Brahma Mahavihar, Jaya Kirti Mahavihar, Sukra-varna Mahavihar, Dipanker Mahavihar.

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In 1960, King Mahendra took control, banned political parties, and instituted land reforms.

Political turmoil continued throughout the late 20th century. Visit for more information on the history of Nepal.

Transcending cultural differences and customs is just a small step to achieve that.

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In 1934, a major earthquake destroyed over 2,000 houses and severely damaged over 2,000 more homes. Restoration of many buildings was undertaken over the years, including efforts funded by West Germany in the late 1980's and by the U. Bhaktapur is filled with Hindu and Buddhist religious sites and art.