Name for older men dating younger women

10-Aug-2020 16:59

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the other parent) between the birth of their first and last child increased, .

The age difference between the partners yielded a maximum offspring count for men, if the female partner was approximately 6 years younger than the male and for women if the male partner was approximately 4 years older than the female.

) had outlasted almost all the competition just by managing to survive a ton: incurable diseases and injuries; instances of really bad judgment, unfavorable environmental conditions, being taken down and out to dinner by a hyena, getting clubbed in the head by an unruly starving neighbor or marauder, etc, etc. maximally fecund young women should go to these fittest-of-the-fit, savvy old war horses.

During the prehistoric times over which humans evolved, a male who made it to 25-30 (maybe 35?You can ask anyone you like to verify photo, age, career, income, and education degree. In a recent column at The Atlantic's web site, Hugo Schwyzer asks us to consider, "What would happen if men stopped chasing much younger women?" I suppose this is an interesting if impractical question.

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(Ain't gonna happen, Hugo.) Before getting too far into the weeds of this thought experiment, Schwyzer makes it clear that he's not talking about pedophiles or other obvious creeps; he's talking about men like Johnny Depp, who is apparently dating a woman in her late 20s, while he's just hit the big 5-0. The study Schwyzer cites actually says the opposite of what he thinks it does.This clearly isn't quite the case, so some women are getting sub-optimal men, and it's feminism's woe-manly job to complain endlessly about this, like everything else.

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