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may pos sibly have been slightly unhinged; but it is s ano snows exiraoiainarj-ongraauty in the mven- .- f iu b 0h, D,JX .d itg own objects of terror. There ate unquestionably cases in which it is undesirable that the jury should be allowed to separate, and possibly all murder oases should be placed in this category; but it is certainly true that Sie detention of juries in all felony eases can no longer be justified. By its Siberian line, Russia is thus at a great advantage so far as communication to China and Japan is concerned, but at present it is only a single line, and is thus constantly interrupted, either by bad -weather or by marauding bands at some unprotected spot, as the wire is found useful for various purposes. Thomas sang four bvmns from Sankey's seleeaon, the memher3 joining in the chorus. Let it now learn that the i tate of the navy and these Bame coaling stations may be bound up in keeping control of the world s cables, and never forget that the Pacific and the Cape-Australian cables are necessities, while to hold them intact must be the duty of the navy.

The lium Lt Br ai errors mace oy oans clerics seems to be affected in a somewhat peculiar manner; these mistakes are greatest when the clerks feel most confidence in themselves, whereas durin-less favourable weather, when the men feel likely to make mistakes, they exert greater care nd in this way do better work. One of the jurymen who tried Louise Mas set at the Old Bailey complained of being locked up until the trial was concluded. , r " origi- aauy tne intention or tne ireasarv to nwxt&mrf- a. Though so much of the lineage of the Indo-European Company lies within foreign territory, the trunk line is through India, while the lines of France and America are only between Europe and America. The nation under- , neon uj an au-powertui navy and many coaling stations.

And, of course, to a boy oa the watch out, the ffl-luck oamei Another time. That there is an intimate relation between & oondition of the weather in a given place and the mental state of its inhabitants has eeemed evi- Dexter, of Colorado, has, we gather from the ueisnre noor, recenuy investigasea this interesting question in a scientific manner, and has arrived at some remarkable results. Though this has caused a great deal of grumbling, especially in France, there can be httle doubt that the Government were well advised in so doing, for Boer sympathisers had used the tele-Sraph to apprise the Transvaal and Free State authorities of the British plans.

s " strophe so poked along, low spirited and on the watch out. eproacnea nimseu to the danarsr of touching: a snake skin, and quoted as worthy of attention the negro's remark that "he druther see the - i Au t. new Qiuua y uia iciu uiuutucf s muuii tits a, thousand times than take np a snake skin in his t 1 79 j.? More than this, even when common suynsnsb Lziuux tus ncpt uum uieia ziitty will invent terrifying theories of their own, tbe t j r i i i i t - UUIQCU Ui. C, bll XCU They believe naturally in occultism, and imagine and persons and their own destiny. and -rmho Mers ctr soipernsttura L WEATHER AND CONDUCTS. Many people were considerably astonished by the announcement that the Government had suspended the transmission to South Africa of any telegram in cypher or code, either by private persons or foreign Governments. " Sir John Mowbray Z Dowager Lady Howard de Waldon"" Sir John Fowler (engineer) Earl of Whamelifie .

Beside this great rjoneem all the other companies are small in comparison, but they are nevertheless oi more or less importance. There is also added tbe aggregate ehareeon tbe parishes comprised in each union and district, and the aggregate amount of loans outstanding for which such parishes are liable. Soanty cnoil purposes the charge was 1,059,472, as against 1,066,459 in 1897-98, the eqi Hvalent average rate being 695d., as arrainst 7D9d. The amount of loans oat-standing and the rate per cent, calculated on the total ratable value of all London were: Poor Law authorities. to ratable value being 9-15 ; Local Government authorities, 9,40d,164. '' Scotsman." um MUie THE ILL-HEALTH OF SPAIN.

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Britain could not easily isolate any country bordering the China seas north of Singapore, however, as there would be the Siberian iandlines and the network of submarine cables and ordinary overland wires in Ohina and Cochin China. He will find in all the colonies land abundant, cheap, often at an absolutely nominal rant, with railways near; and, while the climate has its uncertainties, I don't know that the Australian climate is more capricious than any other. On muggy day both conduct and diligence are at their worst, and, strange to say, boys are influenced mors than girls. It wi, Z ordinary case of larceny and embezzlement n J was tried at the Central Oim.i r trial was unfinished when the court rosa frt? ie J""ga lurormeo tile Ju TV tba.t urn the prisoner was charged with a feloni- ti Z l- did not allow them to separate. The TTnifcerl Ststtat o ; JKfl bpain, and, till the cables were cut, persons desirous of communicating with Cuba by code messages had to use the roundabout way oi oouth America, Martinique, and Hayti. The ease with which Britain -has been able to isolate the Transvaal from the rest of the world without cutting a single cable shows to what a great extent the chief lines of telegraphic communication are in -British hands.