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The AIPR offers four courses in parapsychology: The AIPR Certificate in Parapsychology and the AIPR Advanced Certificate in Parapsychology.

These two online courses give students an education in the field of parapsychology by providing a comprehensive understanding of paranormal phenomena. AIPR Advanced Certificate in Experiential Parapsychology. This course is run for groups of students who like to experience psychic phenomena directly. To find out more, click here: AIPR Experiential Course. Almost everyone has a ‘ghost’ story involving paranormal phenomena. To find out more, click here: Poltergeist and Haunting.

Jung’s collaboration with the physicist Wolfgang Pauli in regard to the formulation of his synchronicity theory is now well known, but it may well be that this association was not as important for Jung’s conceptualisation of synchronicity as his friendship with the sinologist Richard Wilhelm during the 1920s.

This presentation examined various characteristic patterns found in a collection of over 400 case studies, and Tony discussed how these patterns might assist in understanding the origins of the DOP experience.Many cultures around the world speak of giant ape-like creatures like Bigfoot wondering the wilderness.Australia’s Bigfoot, the Yowie, featured in the indigenous culture centuries before English colonization. Jung’s attempt to understand the nature of meaningful coincidences.The DNA mediated case study of Peter Khoury and a biological sample implicated in an alien abduction milieu yielded extraordinary DNA evidence that led to a long-term study of an alien DNA paradigm hypothesis and the book Hair of the Alien (2005).

Intriguing parapsychological dimensions in this and other case studies are described.These articles are placed in a location and later found to be missing, seemingly for no apparent reason.

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