Millionaire matchmaker dating advice men dating spouse while separated

10-Sep-2020 16:50

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Seth’s Take: I appreciate Stanger’s comment about how men feel.In particular, I appreciate the thoughtful way she acknowledges that men have insecurities, too.Sure, Leonardo Di Caprio seems to be a guy who isn’t interested in dating anyone over a size 0, but Leo is most definitely not the norm.Stanger’s advice to accept your curves is empowerment-based, and you can never go wrong when sending that message.

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Let’s take a look at some of her recent advice and I’ll weigh in with my perspective. “Don’t be shy;” “make eye contact and smile;” and “make it easy for him” to talk with you because “men are humans too and they feel just as nervous and scared about approaching you.” (Posted on Twitter, May 26, 2014.) Dr.Stanger dishes on: Men making more money than women.