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*Christianity was big back when blacks had to sit on the back of the bus and when women were beaten up by men without consequences. In a society like ours, most people only know of either a very mild, nominal Christianity or a separatist, legalistic Christianity. For example, the memory of sustained injustices that flourished under more Christianized Western societies has become an antibody against the gospel. The people believed in sin, but they hadn’t come to a profound conviction that were helpless sinners. And that is why the church could make evangelism into both a simpler and a more subjective process than that practiced by previous generations.

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Jesus was teaching his disciples that their ordinary methods did not work for “ Here, in this boy, I see the modern world, and in the disciples I see the Church of God. In the United States it has strengthened in the Northeast and the West Coast first. (Michael Wolff, “The Party Line,” — especially in more secular, pluralistic Europe and in the parts of the United States that are similar.

..received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.