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11-Mar-2021 17:01

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For most people with Alzheimer's, symptoms first appear after age 60.

It is believed that there may be as many as 5.1 million Americans who have this form of dementia.

Taking care of a demented spouse can be much like taking care of a toddler because the person cannot be left alone or unattended and he or she cannot necessarily be reasoned with. More and more, these healthy spouses are only too relieved to place their ill spouse in a care facility in order to get their spouse a better level of care as well as to get a respite from caretaking.

For others, there is the belief that they are still young and healthy and, since their spouse doesn't recognize them anyhow, they should be able to date.

I've known my grandmother for several decades, her children several more, and aside from the one daughter, all agree that she is no longer "there".