Liz feldman dating tegan quin

05-Aug-2020 02:40

Most gay icons have supported gay social movements.Some, like Judy Garland or Princess Diana, led tragic lives.It’s the season finale of TJO with special guest Tegan Quin from Tegan and Sara, plus a very rare live in-studio performance by Rachael Cantu and Harlan Silverman aka Little Brutes! You can find more [...] Read more Today on all new TJO, Liz sits down with “Orange is the New Black” writer Lauren Morelli, who realized she was gay while she was working on Season 1 of OINTNB! Cam talks about her new club and Leisha teaches Liz how to die in Hollywood.Oh, and there’s a little someone extra for you too! [...] Read more On this all new, all gay episode, Liz chats with the super funny Fortune Feimster about coming out and being gay on TV.Men have benefitted from having gay icons for years.Perhaps it’s time the queer female community get some of our own.

These are things that gay icons like Kathy Griffin and Kylie Minogue do for gay men already, so is it so fantastic an idea that the same behavior be shown to gay women?Gay icons can be powerful allies because of their high-profile visibility, which the queer community benefits from.

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