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In fact, your Spanish teacher could be a great new friend!On the slow rhythm of daily life in Nicaragua: A typical day looks like this: I wake up, have coffee, make breakfast, and we read/watch cartoons. My daughter goes to school or stays with Rosibel’s child and nanny, or comes with us to town.Enrolling your child in school is a great way to meet people, and hanging out at the beach is fun for everyone.Learning Spanish is very difficult but it is a must if you want to have any local friends.There is a feeling of everyone watching out for each other, maybe because there are very few police.On making friends in another country: We made many other expat friends through my child’s international school.Also it is amazing to hear my kid learn Spanish so naturally. It is a bit scary living two hours away from a modern hospital.It is hard to find healthy food here, so we cook mostly from scratch and eat a more simple diet than before. Surprising things about living in Nicaragua: Dengue is just another illness, no big deal.

What aspects of life in Nicaragua do you wish the U. It is such a relief, and I think all the kids and adults benefit from the relaxed attitude. The house I am renting right now is so amazing that I never want to leave.

We have a joke here, if you get one thing accomplished per day, then it is a good day.

Safety and driving standards are very different from the USA.

We now have time and energy to spend time together, not just as a family, but as a couple.

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We regularly have breakfast or lunch out together, and we have drinks together while kids play on the beach. The people here are lighthearted and easy-going about kids. Also there is more of a hands-off approach, like kids playing outside together.

There are no parking police, so you can park wherever you want. My kid doesn’t get excited about seeing monkeys anymore.