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"I think the biggest difference in this relationship versus my marriage is that Chris brings out the adventurous side of me that has been on hold for many years," she said in Tuesday's episode, when the couple celebrated their one-year anniversary by going sky diving. Damn we did a lot, this went by fast," she told the camera.

"We've just been having a good time together, simple things, big things.

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Tori Roloff, who is married to Jacob's older brother Zach, sent social media in a frenzy when she posted a Thanksgivign photo with her female in-laws and referred to Isabel as a "sister." ""My people...

couple decided to separate after 27 years of marriage in 2015, finalizing the details of their divorce in 2016, and although they've both since found love — Matt is now dating the former manager of Roloff Farms, Caryn Chandler, and Amy has been with boyfriend Chris Marek for more than a year — the two still come in contact with one another regularly, as they both still live in residences on their farm.

Keeping in close contact with an ex after divorce is bound to bring up old feelings, and the Roloffs are no different, with Matt comparing his relationship with Chandler with his marriage to Amy in Tuesday's episode of . So it feels good to be in a situation where you feel compatible on many levels." The 56-year-old Roloff patriarch didn't bring up specific instances of compatibility, but Chandler does seem to understand the passion and commitment he has about his work — even when it comes as a detriment to their together time — more than Amy did.

"I really like and appreciate the fact that she wants to spend personal time with me," Matt said of Chandler. Amy and I had some compatibility when the kids were born, but looking back after the kids were gone, we realized we don't really have a lot in common." Because Chandler worked on the farm with both Matt and Amy prior to the divorce, things have been complicated between the trio even as Amy has moved on. "Work is in Matt's DNA, it always will be," Chandler said. He can get carried away, anyone can get carried away.

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But he loves to work — it's kind of his hobby." For Amy, dating Marek has allowed her to explore an adventurous side Matt lacked.His parents grew up in Argentina and moved to the U. Giving birth to the only known member of their family with dwarfism was initially “devastating” to his parents and used by his father’s family in rural Argentina as fodder for conflict (his mother’s and father’s families have a longstanding rivalry in their hometown of Mendoza).

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