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15-May-2020 17:29

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Rachel soon returns to her tied up and gagged damsel… The hot Ebony Marsha and the very Ivory Miranda have been and tied to chairs in the kitchen by a crazy man who belong to an organization called the Order of the Asp. Miranda has on her office secretary attire with pantyhose and heels. They both struggle like mad to get free before their comes back for Lord knows what!But they're not quick enough and the crazed returns, unties Marsha and marches her away. Then we see that Marsha has been stripped to her undies and is pole-tied and ball gagged!This is taken from the 1998 VHS title “Scorpion, Inc.” Celeste is coming in through the back door of the house to check on Audra, whom she had left tied up and gagged in a previous scene.But Audra has escaped, and now she is awaiting Celeste’s entrance!She’s wrestled down by Rachel, still topless from her humiliating chair tie!Now it’s Maddie who’s bound and cleave gagged on the floor in a partial ball tie.

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Now we get to see the two bound and gagged damsels tied up together in the kitchen. Isaac enters and pulls their tops down so we can marvel at their perfect tits. Instead, he decides to tie up both the damsels together!

The two frightened damsels are struggling as best that they can, but they aren’t making any progress in making a bondage escape despite their good efforts. Will they get away or are they doomed for a worse fate? Apparently Natasha didn’t even realize her husband Isaac was into kinky bondage stuff.

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