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In the coming decade, 3.5 million truckers will lose their jobs, and along with will go waitresses, secretaries, teachers, office workers and much more. As SHTF reported: The head of the investment banking firm Macquarie Group went even further, cautioning that we are witnessing nothing short of a terminal economy…

one which they very well might not be able to put back together again: via the Epoch Times: Global central banks with their easy money policies of negative interest rates and quantitative easing are working against a debt deflation scenario, with limited success, according to Shvets.

Even typical players in investment markets are no longer able to get returns in private investment.

This is forcing a de facto state-run economy, and to make matters worse, all the humans are about to be laid off as robots take their jobs.

• Goldman Sachs warns that the “Third Wave” of the financial crisis is upon us, and will be the worst phase of it yet: This wave is characterised by rock-bottom commodities prices, stalling growth in China and other emerging-markets economies, and low global inflation, Goldman Sachs analysts led by Peter Oppenheimer said in a big-picture note.

That’s What Keeps Me Awake at Night.” In the Robotic Near-Future, Most “Will Live Off Government-Provided Income” This is a Tipping Point: Robots “Cheaper Than Any Human Worker” Means the End of Jobs Report: There Is No Sign Of Recession: “Strong Consumer Spending Underscores The Economy’s Underlying Strength” 7 Jobs That Are Going to Survive the Next Economic Crash Author: Mac Slavo Views: Read by 26,794 people Date: October 14th, 2016 Website:

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[…] In late September, Gunn said the stock market’s moves looked eerily similar to those just before the 1987 stock market crash. Goldman Sachs and others, of course, have echoed their concerns. In their report, the fund’s economists argued that the problems with European banks were deeply structural: a toxic brew of low levels of capital, troubled loans and business models that no longer delivered profits in an era of low growth and negative interest rates. Dattels said, “banks are transitioning from outdated business models that rely on large scale balance sheets,” saying that Deutsche Bank fell into this bucket. Bank of America Warns That a Recession is Imminent, and Unavoidable As SHTF reported, even the big banks are being forced to admit that stimulus is no longer working, and that consequences are happening. via CNBC: “We are seven years into a full-fledged, all out, central bankers doing everything they can to stimulate demand,” Bank of America-Merrill Lynch’s head of U. equity and quantitative strategy Savita Subramanian recently warned on CNBC’s ” Fast Money .” “We looked at all of these indicators that have been pretty good at forecasting recessions and we extrapolated that if they follow the current trends they’re on, we’re going to hit a recession sometime in the second half of next year.” […] “What scares me is the market been so fragile.

Citi’s Tom Fitzpatrick also highlighted the market’s similarities to the 1987 crash just a few days ago. According to the NY Times: “The focus of investors has shifted from the level of capital to the business model, and that is why banks are under pressure,” said Peter Dattels, deputy director in the I. Economists and regulators have argued that Deutsche Bank, given its size and culture of risk-taking, poses more of a risk to financial markets than its peers in Europe and the United States. The Fed’s disastrous rescue plan after the 2008 financial crisis has left the U. Again, we’re playing with musical chairs here, not theoretical possibilities.

“That was the entire idea of aggressive monetary policies: Stimulate investment and consumption. It can impact asset prices, but they don’t flow into the real economy,” he said. The private sector will never recover, it will never multiply money again…” 5.

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