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29-Mar-2020 04:09

The photo below is a close example but the ones we used had red oriental patterns on it: This ball, when thrown at high speed and hits you, it would really hurt and sting. Players had to stand inside a rectangle drawn on the ground, about the size of half a basketball court.There will be a small hole dug out at one side of the court in the middle and each player will take turns to attempt to put the ball in the hole by rolling it on the ground towards the hole.They need to catch and bring them to a detention place (designated before the game starts).To win the game, the police need to catch all the thieves.There was nothing digital going on at that time and there were many situations that required improvisation and imagination to play.

One round of game can last over an hour and can be very tiring.

The diagram below will give you a better idea of the layout (the stars represent the players): Once anyone managed to get the ball in, he or she would run to the ball, grab it and throw it from the position of the hole towards the other players who would be running frantically to dodge the ball.

Whoever gets hit by the ball or run out of the rectangle will be out of the game.

Can you imagine what happens when the ball gets in the hole?

It will become an angry ball indeed and you will hear the piercing, terrified screams of the players as well. Some were hit at the back, arm or leg and some less fortunate ones, on the face!

Each group had to come together and strategise before playing the game and leaders were appointed to make decisions and negotiate terms with the opponents along the way.

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