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I checked it while compiling this message and it appears to be offline at the moment.

In case it stays that way, it is a paper in the public records office and is the report of a court-marshall of a soldier in 1732 at which a Trooper Begent, who was on sentry duty at the time, gives evidence against another soldier trying to sneak out of camp. Terry Begent Subject: The Begents From Jan Begent We have been researching our own branch/twig of the Begent family tree for several years now.

I have some more info and will search it out for you.

Our part of the family has never actually drawn up a family tree although one of my brothers did try to track things down a bit.This area is a forum for information about the surname Begent, our ancestry and contacts with other Begent families around the world.If you have researched your own Begent family tree and would like to share it with others, or would like to trace lost branches of the family, please contact us by clicking here on Contact . Simon Begent Click on Latest to go to the most recent messages.Someone told me that there was material about the Hugenots living in that area in the Wandsworth Library, but subsequent visits to London have usually been short and I haven't ever followed it up.

There is a Nancy Salter who lives near my Mother who has done lots of research into the Begent family in Tasmania.

The earliest record he could find was of a lace-maker in Nottingham last century.

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