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13-Jul-2020 07:21

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“I wanted to find a way to help Jews marry other Jews, and improve where other sites have fallen short,” Singer told The Jewish Week.

“The Facebook component, through the initial sign-up, helps ensure that people are actually Jewish and also are not using a fake profile, which has become more of a problem recently.

Right,” said he can’t wait to see the results of his work.

“I am confident it will have a big impact,” Singer said.

Schechtman also pointed out that if you do decide to join, there's a religion section in your profile which includes the options "willing to convert," "not willing to convert" or "not sure if I'm willing to convert."As to whether you should join, however: That's trickier.

An informal sampling of Jewish folks on social media proved to be decidedly mixed on the issue of non-Jews joining Jewish dating sites. Some found the prospect to be a kind of fetishization and were mildly offended because "it assumes Jewish men are a type.

There are plenty of Jewish men (and women) who are sick of being held to the rich, Ivy-educated stereotype." Others thought the tradition of Jews only dating Jews was outdated.

“If the purpose of this new site is to turn ordinary people into superhero matchmakers, then I support it.” Alicia Post, Jzoog’s chief marketing officer, said the matchmaking feature is a key attribute that will lead to marriages.

Having no subscription fee is crucial because people always want to get their money’s worth.

My goal is for people to have is less time wasted, less money wasted, less distraction and more focus.” Nothing regarding their Jzoog profiles will show up on members’ Facebook page, said Singer, once a denizen of the Upper West Side singles scene.

But those who aren't down with your shiksappeal probably aren't destined to be your soulmate anyway, and in the realm of online dating, if someone's profile doesn't appeal to you, it's easy to just move on.

Despite the lack of consensus, everyone concurred that you should be upfront and honest about your cultural background and religious affiliations online, which I agree is solid advice (more on what to disclose on dates).It is also, according to its creator, believed to be the first Jewish dating site to require members to have Facebook accounts.