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15-Aug-2020 14:59

"She was pulling everyone's husbands and boyfriends and women were hitting her," she added.

At this point, Lisa stood up and mimicked Lauren's behaviour, much to the reality star's annoyance.

It is hard from within Parliament to change this, especially given that the Labour Party is in opposition and when the Government seems to believe throwing money at the problem is the only solution.

I prefer my time in my constituency to the dusty committee rooms of parliament.

The media called my victory in the 2017 general election a “shock”.

Everyone remembers those 20 votes, when on 9 June, after three recounts, Kensington elected their first ever Labour MP.

It is being able to correct the mistakes of a Tory-led council which has spent money on a rehousing programme without asking survivors and the bereaved what they need.

It is to be given the chance to ensure that this genuinely never happens again.

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Now that she's got free time (thanks to that suspension) tennis superstar Maria Sharapova ran for the border this weekend ...Lisa, on the other hand, claimed Lauren had ruined the holiday by being a man-eater and "pulling married men".