Jacking chat

23-Nov-2020 02:01

The familiar sensation of early stages of orgasm engulfs my body like slipping into a deep bath of hot pleasure.

Soon my breathing becomes deeper and in shorter gasps and I’m totally focused on the exquisite sensations.... Then it starts; the pure pleasure of the emission phase and impending orgasm begins.

Momentarily I return to tickling my frenulum with a single finger using my pre-cum as lubricant.

Then, with two fingers on the underside and thumb on top I increase the pressure on my cock and start stroking at a more constant pace.

Don't worry that you'll accidentally destroy a crucial enemy, either; if you need to do some jacking to solve a puzzle, the supply of suitable enemies that arrive within the surrounding area will be limitless.

I continue stimulation of my cock and balls and rub the pre-cum lightly around the glans of my cock head.

Soon a very pleasant sensation spreads into my pelvic region and I feel my seminal fluid flow into my urethral bulb; it only takes a few seconds but the sensation is quite distinctive and is the first sign of an impending orgasm.