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27-Aug-2020 21:13

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Luciba, a 23-year-old Zimbabwean, arrived in Turkey five months ago.She is a sociology graduate who speaks English and French fluently.Their ultimate goal, though, is to go to Europe or America.They enter Turkey with regular visas, but must stay clear of the police after their visas expire.

They eventually become sex workers, even while telling their families at home that they work in factories or stores.

The other woman seized her passport until she paid the amount, recommending to her that she become a sex worker so as to pay off the debt more quickly.

Layla’s mother in Hungary thinks that she works at a factory.

When I first met her, she was cheerful and full of joy.

I saw her fade in time, eventually becoming a sulky, nervous person.And if you are drunk, pickpockets try to make you talk longer so as to rob you more easily.

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