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23-Nov-2020 09:59

If Internet and critics' chatter is the true barometer, we should have been congratulating Stefan or Fabio last night. Well, he as self-confident as he appears on the show. He’s a Northern European chef with a big attitude and a lot of skills. We don’t work with the same attitude, but I will not deny that his food is amazing and that he is a very skilled chef. But it’s not hurtful, and what Stefan and I had, we don’t dislike each other. If he didn’t consider me a threat, he wouldn’t have said anything about me, and vice versa.

But it was Hosea who was crowned the winner, beating out runner-ups Stefan and Carla during the final elimination round in New Orleans. I’m also involved in a company now that does prepared foods, and they’ve got a line that’s in Whole Foods. Having a chunk of change definitely helps when you need a little free time. No, but I’m kinda in and out and eventually something might have to change, because as the executive chef in a restaurant, if you’re only there two days a week you’re not really running your kitchen anymore.

I think some people's proteins were overcooked and not what they were supposed to be.

Stefan overcooked his salmon, but he wasn't going to go home because he's been killing it the entire competition.

When I returned home, I told my girlfriend - one of the sweetest women on earth - what happened. At the end of the day, it is still all about the food.Season 5 competitor, owner of New York City's successful restaurant Pig and Khao, and has scoured the globe in search of new foods and flavors—but Leah Cohen will be the first to tell you that she's not a fan of cooking in her own kitchen. "I just don't want my apartment to smell like food. He did weird sh-- like that but it all tasted really good and interesting." So much so that it helped inspire her menu at Pig and Khao: "I try to put my own spin on it.

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