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"I think a lot of people feel that way about the town they grew up in," he says.But he still has a lot of love for Jersey: "I love October there, and it is actually a beautiful state ... The scene we came out of was super healthy and fun, and it instilled really good things in us." When Way adds: "It would be nice to go back and do something there musically," I try to react as if that's not one of the most exciting things I've ever heard. He doesn't say, "I want to," or, "I hope to," or anything to insinuate that he has plans to do anything about these feelings ever.It's something I've always found difficult to watch, probably because I couldn't accept Way as less than perfect.But I can now, and seeing him address that part of is past with a comic would be fascinating.He just says, multiple times, "It would be nice." Fair enough. He reveals that — a comic about an alien inhabiting the body of a teenage girl — is his favorite book in the imprint.The creative team on this book is comprised of mainly women, which is something incredibly rare in comics.

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He says that he'd like to finish it by the end of the year.