Intimidating a witness or victim who is tulisa dating 2016

06-Jan-2021 10:34

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As defined earlier, a witness is someone who knows facts relating to the crime.

In a situation where the person you intimidated is not a witness, this would be a defense to this charge.

Nonetheless, David can be charged with the offense because he attempted to threaten the witness in order to prevent him from testifying.(1) Attending or testifying at a proceeding authorized by law;(2) Making a report;(3) Cooperating or providing information so that a complaint/ indictment/ information/ probation violation/parole violation could be sought and prosecuted, and from helping to prosecute that action; or(4) Arresting/causing/seeking the arrest of someone in connection with a crime.

Robert, a primary suspect in a bank robbery sent James, a bank teller who got a glimpse of Robert’s face under the mask, a note that read “Testify and you’re dead.” Robert could be charged with the offense because he threatened James to prevent him from testifying about Robert’s participation in the robbery.

Mary cannot be charged with the offense in this instance because she did not know that Jason is a witness.

Preventing or attempting to prevent: You do not have to succeed at preventing or dissuading the victim/witness from performing the acts listed under this section; an attempt to do so will be sufficient for a conviction.

You can be charged with the offense even if you did not succeed in dissuading or intimidating a witness.

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