Hibernate onetomany not updating

14-Feb-2021 14:33

`@One To Many` or `@Many To Many`), in Hibernate 5.2 we don’t need these collection-level annotations since the `Post Comment` is already annotated accordingly, and Hibernate knows that it needs to filter any _deleted_ `Post Comment`.

SELECT pt.post_id as post_id1_3_0_, pt.tag_id as tag_id2_3_0_, as id1_4_1_, t.deleted as deleted2_4_1_ FROM post_tag pt INNER JOIN tag t ON pt.tag_id = WHERE ( t.deleted = 0 ) AND pt.post_id = 1 Soft deleting is a very handy feature when your application requires keeping the deleted entries and just hiding them in the UI.

Parameters may be required to apply this logic, which does not allow this.

However, not all relational database systems support Flashback queries, or they allow you to recover a certain record without having to restore from a database backup.

In this case, Hibernate allows you to simplify the implementation of soft deletes, and this article is going to explain the best way to implement the logical deletion mechanism.

For Solarized, it has been ported to vim, mutt, shell, and emacs.… continue reading »

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