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04-Jul-2020 13:58

Well Wednesday night may come and it may be 8pm already but your phone is sadly silent…no texts from Mr. Then at you get what seems like an afterthought on his part: an invitation to meet up at a bar. However, it’s not unlikely that he won’t be alone once you get there. Psychiatrists, sociologists and armchair philosophers blame the parents: a generation that gave us mass divorce for the first time in history has left an imprint on their kids.In fact, if you took an informal poll of what most 20-somethings experience, you’d find that there’s more reason to believe that you’ll be faced with a group as you enter the bar. Today’s 20-somethings may actually be protecting themselves against a rough world, romantically speaking.So let’s say for example you met a guy at a party and you exchanged numbers, each hoping for a future rendezvous at some point.Maybe he even mentioned to you that he’d text you on Wednesday night, for instance.Ahh, the romantic date…flowers, dinner, a stroll through the park: it’s the stuff dreams are made of, and countless movie scenes as well.Well as it turns out, that may be all it’s good for anymore, with what some are saying is the end of dating.

Maybe a guy asked you to hang with a group of friends- how’s one to know whether it’s a date or not?

So of course people still hang out casually in groups or in pairs and everything’s platonic.

What can look like a group chill could actually be several dates or one date or none at all.

Or what if you think you’re hanging out but that guy thinks it’s a date?

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The waters are very murky here, and you simply have to trust your instincts.

Would you agree with me if I say that the two seem very similar?