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22-Feb-2021 02:10

You can email me here or chat me up on Hangout ([email protected]). A job hunting friend wanted to Google prospective companies.The pages may meet the gold standards of Google’s mystic search algorithm but the blast from the past doesn’t help my friend’s cause. And, right now you just want to see the results in chronological order by date.To Google’s credit, they have improved the algorithm a lot.q=live wallpaper ios&as_qdr=y15The string at the end of the search URL shows web pages indexed by Google over the past 15 years. You can change the numeric part to any other number and the search will go back those number of years.What you will see are the actual publication dates of the web page under the title in Google search results as in the above screenshot.As a reader, you want to see dates for some kind of content.They can be news posts, software reviews, health information, or even an Apple rumor that is short-lived.

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Also, there are both advantages and disadvantages to use the published date in the results page for the site owners.Try a search with the Any time filter and the “Past hour” or “Past 24 hours” options to arrive at the fresher results.