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02-Nov-2020 17:02

He is best known for his role as Nick Stokes on the CBS police drama Crime Scene Investigation (CSI). In 2000 Eads became one of the lead character of the CBS police drama CSI, in which he portrayed a Las Vegas forensic scientist named Nick Stokes. He graduated with a degree of marketing from Texas Tech University in 1989. The couple first met on the sets of Evel Knievel, when George broke his thumb, and she was his nurse. I've heard several different names mentioned as George's latest squeeze - none of them are named Monica, however.David, Frank and Sam are the names that keep coming up. R15, the photo archives always use to list George's beard as "guest"...Fangled ran a line on Walter using his full name and found a hit.He wood the basics of autism tactics from his weighs, readings, and conversations with headed officers, as well as a good understanding of years of go and doing."WE could have a wildlife marathon over here.""There's no proof that George is a homosexual."There's no proof that George is a heterosexual.

The argument is ongoing about their daughter's custody.

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