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The places I went to were the worst and most terrifying I've ever experienced. At what point did you realize this is what you wanted to do as a career? Before that I never thought of acting as something that I would ever try. Many days it feels like I'm in an extended existential experiment.I really believe that seeing the faces and hearing the voices of these people made it possible for me to find a way out of the darkness. Religion hasn't been a part of my life for a long time, if ever, but I do have a new found appreciation of the principle of faith. I say that your friends and family are your anchor. I had screwed around with some bizarre 'performances' that I filmed on Super 8 for a film class I was taking at SFAI, but the pieces were super raw and primitive. I feel blessed and very fortunate, but a lot of my dreams continue to evade me...In the 13 years since QAF hit America, much has changed. But honestly, I was not prepared for the affect that role would have.I probably thought that because I was a serious devotee of Burroughs, and Cocteau and Genet, I had a deep understanding of gay culture. And I definitely wasn't prepared for the backlash I got from those who saw me as an unwelcome trespasser.Anyway, I'd vowed this would be my last Los Angeles audition. There were a series of callbacks which required a haircut (I think), and the purchase of a suit I couldn't afford. The strangeness of performing in a boardroom environment surrounded by executives was so intense I might as well have been walking through a remake of the video for "Ashes to Ashes" by David Bowie. IR: Once you had the part, what type of research did you do to portray the selfish, gay Brian Kinney? I kept returning to my belief that his sexuality was not up for debate by anyone, himself included.And that was only slightly less bizarre than an actor who was testing for the character of Michael telling me he wasn't going to kiss me just before we went into the room. GH: I had enough gay friends to have taken a few spins through the happy bars of San Francisco (where I lived for almost nine years) and Los Angeles. I'd worked and lived in mid-town for a few years, so a lot of the 'social' research was already done. It seemed to me that the most direct way to find him was to underplay all the cliches. That was very freeing, and it inspired me to deflect all speculation about my own sexuality." has been answered thousands (if not, millions) of times on the internet.People have been speculating his sexuality since the first episode of Queer as Folk premiered on Showtime.

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I felt more at ease being bold with some than I did with others.

(April 2013) "For a while, the gay thing seemed like such a big deal. It's just a comedy-drama about people who live in the United States. I've been hit on in a really strong way by gay men who've tried to convert me, and a lot of my heroes are gay. He played a very convincing gay character on cable TV that has changed the lives of many gay teens growing up in the United States (maybe even worldwide.) By the way, if you haven't seen Queer as Folk, you really have to go out and buy the complete DVD sets!

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