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NOTE: Chinese Cinnabar; Chinese red; Cinnabar [GEN | KP.p | NP.p]; Cinnabar (Coarse) [NP.p]; Cinnabar dark [KP.p]; Cinnabar SHINSYA [KP.p]; Cinnabarite; Cinnibar; Cold Cinnabar (Coarse) [NP.p]; Llimpi Merkurblende; Mercurblende; Minium; Natural Cinnabar [KP.p]; Natural Cinnabar Monte Amiata [KP.p]; Nium; Pigment Red 106; Quecksilbersulfidrot; Sulfur Red Mercury; Vermeil Zinnober; Vermillion; Vermilion [o,p]; Warm Cinnabar [NP.p]* light fastness seems to be affected by sulfides, hydrothermal silica, preparation and impurities.

(Mineral Reference); According to the Pigment Compendium, 2008 Cinnabar based pigments only darken when they contain traces of chlorine or exposed to halogens.

[Ref Sunchemical PDF; Ref Lansco] Arsenic Rouge; Arsenic Sulfide; Arsenic Sulphide; C. Pigment Red 39; Eolite; Pigment Red 39; Realgar [GEN | NP.p]; Realgarite; Red Arsenic; Red Arsenic Sulphide; Red Orpiment; Rahj al ghar; Rejalgar; Risagallo; Risigallum; Ruby Arsenic; Ruby Sulfur; Ruby Sulphur; | HO.g.| KA.o.p | KP.p | MG.a.g.o.w | MH.o | RF.e | RGH.o.p | ROSS.o.o(soft) | RT.w | SE.o.w | SV | UT.a.o.w | WL.o.p | WN.o.wp(L)]; Alizarin Crimson Dark [KP.p]; Alizarin Crimson Deep; Alizarin Crimson Golden [GR]; Alizarin Crimson Lake [SE]; Alizarin Farben; Alizarin Golden [RGH.o]; Alizarin Lake; Alizarine Madder Deep [SCH.p]; Alizarine Madder Lake; Alizarine Madder Lake Deep [SCH.p]; Alizarin Orange; Alizarin Red; Alizarine Red B; Alizarin Red Lake [SE.p]; Alizarin Scarlet; Alizarin Violet Lake [SE.w]; Antique Crimson [HO.w]; Brown Madder; C. Pigment Red 83; Carmine (hue) [HO.w]; Carmine (Alizarin Crimson) [HO.w.]; Carmine Red (hue) [SE.os]; Crimson Alizarin [DR.]; Crimson Madder; Kermes Lake [MA.o(Ren)]; Indian Lake Alizarin; Lacca d'Alizarina Cremisina; Laca de Garanza Cramois; Laque d'Alizarine Carmiosie; Madder; Madder Brown; Madder Carmine [WN]; Madder Lake; Madder Lake Deep [RT..w]; Mordant Red 11; Permanent Alizarin Crimson [UT.w?

**]; Permanent Carmine [MA.o.o(artis).p]; Permanent Crimson; Permanent Rose Madder [SI.p]; Permanent Violet; Pigment Red 83; Red Scarlet; Rose Doré (Alizarin); Rose Madder [BX.o.w | HO.w | SH.w | WNAlizarin or 1,2-dihydroxyanthraquinone is an synthetic organic compound with formula C14H8O4 that is historically important as a prominent dye, originally derived from the roots of plants of the madder genus; (Ref Alizarin Crimson at Boston Fine Arts); Alizarin (wikipedia Ref); Alizarin, synthetic (Ref at Boston Fine Arts CAMEO); Lake of Dihydroxy-anthraqutone or Anthraquinone Lake (Alizarin Crimson) is a synthetic form of NR9 (without Purpurin) precipitated with an inert binder, usually a metallic salt.; (lake pigments wikipedia Ref); Color depends on metal the lake is fixed on: Unique Hue; PR 177, PR 179 or PR 264 are similar, and more permanent substitutes, but not identical.; * Color depends on method of manufacture and the metal salt the Anthraquinone dye is fixed on.

More expensive than the madder colours, and without their purity, depth, or transparency cobalt reds have often been offered as pigments, and as often declined.’ Salter (1869) (Ref Pigment Compendium, 2008, p.122); Rhodonite (see below) is a variety of Garnet; * Garnets exist in all colors except blue; ** Not a real ruby; (Pyrope Ref); (Almandine Ref); *** more info on the Dan Smith Prima Tek™ artist paints and other minerals used for art pigments at the watercolor site.

They are generally characterized by a fatal chalkiness, and poorness of hue.

| GO.| SQ.a | TA.| LB.o | LQ.a | MT]; Red Oxide Deep [KA.p]; Red Oxide Light [GU | KA.p]; Red Oxide Medium [GU | KA.p]; Red Oxide of Iron; Red Oxide Transparent [RGH.o.p]; Red Sartorius Earth [NP.p]; Rich Transparent Red Iron Oxide [DR]; Roman Ochre; Roman Red; Rouge Violet; Salmon [KA.p]; Sartorius Red Earth [NP.p]; Scarlet [LQ.a]; Seinna; Sepia Brown [LB.av]; Sepia Transparent [RGH.o]; Senois Brown [CH]; Senois Orange [CH]; Senois Red [CH]; Sinopia; Spanish Oxide; Spanish Red; Spanish Earth [WL.o]; Synthetic Iron Oxide; Synthetic Iron Oxide Blue Shade; Synthetic Red Iron Oxide; Terra d'Italia [KA.p]; Terra Di Sienna; Terra Rosa [HO.o | MG.a.o.w | RGH.o.p | WN.o]; Terra Rosa Hue [GR.o | UT.o]; Terracotta Reddish [SCH.]; Terre Rouge; Translucent Brown Oxide [SCH.a.o(Mus)]; Translucent Orange Oxide; Translucent Orange-Red [KP.p]; Translucent Red Brown [SCH.o]; Translucent Red Medium [KP.p]; Translucent Red Oxide [SCH.o(Mus)]; Transoxide Red [LA.a]; Transparent Brown [TA.]; Transparent Brown Oxide [DS.o.w | WN.o]; Transparent Burnt Sienna [| LQ.a]; Transparent Earth Red [GB.o.p]; Transparent Iron Oxide Red [UT.o]; Transparent Mars Brown [BX.o.w | SQ.a | MA.o.w]; Transparent Mars Red [BX.o.w | SQ.a | MA.o.w]; Transparent Oxide Brown [RT.o.w]; Transparent Oxide Red [CAS.k | KA.o MH.o | OH.a | RT.o.w]; Transparent Oxide Red Lake [OH.o.w]; Transparent Red Iron Oxide [DV.a | GO.ao | GR.o]; Transparent Red Ochre [WN]; Transparent Red Oxide [BR | o | DS.o.w | | OH.a | p | MG.a.o.w | MH | | TA.a.af]; Tuscan Red; Venetian Orange [PF.o]; Venetian Red [GEN | CAS.k | CL | DB.o | DR.a.

| GR.| | MA.w | MR.o | MT | MH.o | MW.o | OH.a.o.w | PF.o | RGH.o.p | RT.o.w | SE.a.o.p | SI.p | UT.a.o.w | WN.o.w.wp]; Venetian Red (Mars) [OH.a]; Venice Red; Venician Red [PF]; Violet de Mars; Violet Iron Oxide [DV.w | WN.a]; Violet Oxide [ GO.]; XSL Translucent Red [KP.p]; There are many other names for ochres and red iron oxides, usually based on color hue (maroon, violet), production location (Turkey, Oxford), quarry, mining site or manufacturing method (burnt, fired, roasted) and to further complicate things they appear in amost all languages.

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You can purchase items directly at no extra cost and you can help support this site by purchasing items through these Affiliate links.LBNL Pigment Database Spectral radiative properties; Red Iron Oxide (i); Red Iron Oxide (ii); Red Iron Oxide (iii); Red Oxide; Making pigments: Red Ochre at webexhibits.org; Iron Brown Hematite: CPMA 3-06-7 (4th ed.

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