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Some Guineans claim that the word arose from an early episode in the European-African encounter.

The name came into use among European shippers and map makers in the seventeenth century to refer to the coast of West Africa from Guinea to Benin.

The Europeans misunderstood and thought the women were referring to a geographic area; the subsequently used the word "Guinea" to describe coastal West Africa.

The French claimed the coast of present-day Guinea in 1890 and named it French Guinea ( Guinée française ) in 1895.

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It's enough to make you lose sleep at night, grab a pint of ice cream or dial ten girlfriends to ask them what to do. It's just a text or a way to ping someone to stay in touch, not a relationship measuring stick on whether he's into you or not.… continue reading »

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We had waited for about thirty minutes before Alex arrived.… continue reading »

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My friend doesn't really know if they've done the dirty on their partners (he said he wouldn't be too surprised, they've always seemed 'closer' than many spouses/partners would tolerate), but that it could well be the case that they've finally decided to give it a proper go.… continue reading »

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