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An armed security guard working at the Whole Foods Market in Oakland, Check this out, has been fired after he reportedly beat the man pictured above to a bloody pulp Thursday night.Zoe Marks, an eye witness to the attack who took three graphic photos of the victim, says the attack began inside the store.Marks says the victim was not 'shouting' or 'violent' and that he wasn't threatening anyone inside of the store.She shared the image above on her Facebook of the victim being attended to by emergency officials. These webcam girls are ready and waiting to make your dreams come true. Webcam girl adult instant action is what we're talking about!So check out these live girls from around the world! Live naked girls, home alone with instant action is the category for you!Very freely, you can now share pictures of sexual content with humor and porn images. 2257 Statement - ALL persons appearing on this web site have provided official photo ID indicating that they are 18 .

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Marks claims that the guard allegedly locked the man out of the store even though he was unconscious on the pavement.Zoe Marks, an eye witness to the attack who is in the U.In an interview with the Oakland Tribune Marks said that whole saw the argument between the cashier and the victim as he was trying to use an EBT card, which is a food stamp card that operates like a debit card, to buy food from the store.If your partner starts replying with similar symbols, then you are ready to go because you are now clear about their reaction.

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