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In other words, marginally indigent defendants who choose public defenders tend to be guilty.

And of course if that’s true, it’s not at all surprising that public defenders would achieve less favorable outcomes.

Rumpole theorizes that there are more variables then the study takes into account, but the study is a good start.

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a mentoring needs assessment validating mentorship in nursing education

My economist friends were able to use regression analyses to control for other variables (such as whether a case was plea bargained or went to trial), to minimize the chance that the differences we found were caused by factors other than effectiveness.The study recognized that defendants make rational economic choices when deciding to accept a designation of indigency- and a public defender, or to raise funds and hire a private attorney.Again from the article: Imagine a guilty, marginally indigent defendant facing a relatively minor felony (for which he will most likely get probation).But when we removed the control for the seriousness of the crime, public defenders performed relatively worse, not better (five years more incarceration versus three years more).

The study also recognized that indigency is not a binary system: meaning it is not correct to say someone is either indigent or not indigent.THIS BLOG HAS BEEN CALLED "THE DEFINITIVE BLOG ON MIAMI CRIMINAL LAW" BY THE NY TIMES, THE WASHINGTON POST, THE POPE, AND DONALD TRUMP WHO ALSO ONCE SAID IT WAS "REALLY GREAT".