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At the heart of Anthroposophy is the belief that humans are composite beings made up of our bodies and a number of spiritual entities that can be reincarnated.

Our spirits enter into bodies each lifetime in several stages as we grow. This coincides with the appearance of adult teeth and gives “strength to learn”.

The physical body that you are incarnated into will depend on karma.

That is, the beneficial or harmful effects you have on the world will revisit you as you reincarnate and determine the sort of physical existence you have.

You may think that the mystical, spiritual and esoteric movement behind Steiner schools might be a very important factor in deciding whether your children should attend such a school. Informed choice is not possible when you do not understand the school’s underlying philosophy.

As the current coalition government appear to be very keen to allow Steiner Schools to open under the Free School programme, I wrote to my Lib Dem MP for Wells, Tessa Munt, with my concerns.

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After splitting with Madame Blavatsky and Annie Besant, he took the German speaking theosophists and set up his own spiritual esoteric movement, Anthroposophy – the knowledge of man.Steiner Schools are designed to assist the spirits to enter children’s bodies as they grow and to prepare their souls for better lives.

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